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Business Model
Clean energy solutions through Bio Energy, Biomass Sourcing, Waste Management, Agrisciences, Solar energy and EPC & Projects.
Abellon CleanEnergy - CDM & Sustainability
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CDM & Sustainability
Abellon is committed to partnering clean initiatives of organizations by assisting them in harnessing the benefits of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - a platform recognizing and rewarding efforts in clean energy generation and carbon emission reduction.

The company’s CDM division works with such organizations to help them understand the CDM mechanism, take appropriate actions to comply with the same, obtain CDM approval for their projects, and ultimately, gain the financial and environmental benefits accruing from the same in the form of CERs.

This CDM initiative is a strong enabler in converting fossil fuel users to the use of clean, green alternatives to meet their energy generation and fuel needs. On a larger scale, it helps promote safe and healthy working and living environments, and a multitude of resulting benefits for humanity.
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