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Pellet Manufacturer in India, Bio Pellets Manufacturer, Abellon Manufacturing Unit at Gandhidham, Pellet Manufacturing
As one of the fastest growing economies of the world, India is poised on the threshold of an exponential growth trajectory. Energy is a key driver for achieving this economic growth, as well as the country’s larger social development and environmental objectives.

India’s status as a primarily agrarian economy makes it the perfect candidate for a bio energy led model of energy generation and sustainable development, utilizing the country’s large volumes of leftover agricultural and forest residue as well as civic waste, and generating income and employment opportunities especially at grassroots rural community level.

Abellon CleanEnergy has evolved a model of pellets manufacturing and bio-power generation that would help the country achieve the above objectives while making a significant contribution to GDP, and ensuring investments and benefits within the nation. The company is also working towards making India a global research hub in bio energy through international research collaborations and development of a series of intellectual property in the bio energy domain.

Apart rom its all inclusive spectrum of bio energy, Abellon is also working to develop innovative solutions in solar energy, that would help raise acceptance of this natural, abundant source of energy for diverse industrial and domestic applications.

Through its agrisciences initiative, Abellon is focusing on collection and productive utilization of residual waste, agro forestry and wasteland redevelopment through cultivation of high-yield energy crops, as well as organic plant and soil nutrition solutions.

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