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Business Model
Clean energy solutions through Bio Energy, Biomass Sourcing, Waste Management, Agrisciences, Solar energy and EPC & Projects.
Abellon CleanEnergy - Solar Energy
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Solar Energy
Apart from its all-inclusive spectrum of bioenergy, Abellon is also focusing on solar energy - a natural, abundantly available source of energy.

The company has set up pilot solar power project to harness the abundantly available solar radiation on the earth. The project is spread across 17.5 acres of land and utilizes multi crystalline silicon panels, with the capacity to power thousands of rural households. It has a potential of reducing 1 lakh tonnes of CO2 over 25 years vis-a-vis fossil fuels.

Abellon is also working to develop innovative solutions such as cutting edge technologies to enhance efficiencies, improve cost benefit, and raise acceptance of this critical energy source for diverse industrial and domestic applications.

Solar Agro-Electrical Model
Abellon's solar project site also showcases a unique "Solar Agri-Electric Model", combining harvesting of solar radiation on silicon wafers to produce energy and supporting the photosynthesis platform for agricultural activities. Traditional guidelines for location of solar energy generation sites propagate use of desertified land, to ensure no conflict between agriculture and energy generation. Abellon's model locates the solar site on agricultural land, and combines the strengths of solar energy generation with agricultural productivity, in the process proving that it is possible to get more value out of both in line with the principle of “efficient resource management".

Solar Agro-Electrical Model

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