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Business Model
Clean energy solutions through Bio Energy, Biomass Sourcing, Waste Management, Agrisciences, Solar energy and EPC & Projects.
Abellon CleanEnergy - Waste Management
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Waste Management    E-Brix
Abellon has evolved an integrated and innovation led model for waste management of solid waste as well as waste water. Abellon is pursuing solutions that include mechanical, biological, thermal, and thermo-chemical treatment technologies, which not only process waste, but recover value in the form of energy (solid fuel, liquid fuel, gaseous fuel), material (paper, plastic), and inputs for agriculture (organic matter, organic carbon).

Abellon seeks to become a fully integrated waste management company focusing on the end-to-end waste management value chain of collection, transportation, processing, recycling, scientific land-filling of waste as well as landfill gas recovery.

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