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About Us
Abellon - Integrated sustainable energy solutions provider.
The TBL Approach, Triple Bottom Line Approach, Abellon Clean Energy, Sustainable development
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Triple Bottom - Line Approach

Gandhiji’s vision for sustainability

"Independence begins at the bottom... A society must be built in which every village has to be self sustained and capable of managing its own affairs... It will be a free and voluntary play of mutual forces... In this structure composed of innumerable villages, there will be ever widening, never ascending circles. Life will not be a pyramid with the apex sustained by the bottom. But it will be an oceanic circle whose center will be the individual. Therefore the outermost circumference will not wield power to crush the inner circle but will give strength to all within and derive its own strength from it.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Abellon's integrated bio energy model has been carefully developed in line with the triple bottom line approach, and emphasizes on TBL benefits of environmental protection, social development and economic prosperity. We achieve this through the following paradigms of business…

•  Creating a model capable of holistically addressing larger developmental issues, generating income and employment opportunities
•  Generating value and opportunities out of waste
•  Maintaining Food/Fodder Vs Fuel balance, harmony with existing agricultural and land use patterns
•  R&D and technology led innovation
•  A focus on long-term sustainability

Global Problems
Population 8.9 bn by 2050
Poverty half the world lives on less than USD2.50 a day
Global Unemployment rate 30%
Health & Hygiene
  146 mn. people malnourished
  2.2 mn. children die/year from lack of immunization
  1.4 mn. die/year from lack of safe drinking water & sanitation
Illiteracy two-thirds of world's adult population - 785 mn.
Rising Terrorism and Safety Concerns
World Trade & GDP on a steady decline post 2006
The TBL Approach
Millennium Development Goals
  Population and Pollution Control
  Eradication of Poverty & Hunger
  Access to quality Healthcare
  Education & Women Empowerment
  Environmental Sustainability
The TBL Approach, Triple Bottom Line Approach, Abellon Clean Energy, Sustainable development, Environmental Protection, Economic progress, Social Development
For every USD 1 in aid a developing country receives, over USD 25 is spent on debt repayment.*
* Sources : US Census Bureau, CIA – The World Fact Book, WTO, UN, World Bank Reports (2008)