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Business Model
Clean energy solutions through Bio Energy, Biomass Sourcing, Waste Management, Agrisciences, Solar energy and EPC & Projects.
Abellon CleanEnergy - Bio-Power
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A high potential alternative
•  Highest energy generation potential
•  Most capital efficient
•  Much larger employment potential
•  Maximum carbon emission reduction potential

Bio-Power can provide an optimal solution for generation of energy and power, with the additional benefit of reduced load on the environment. Abellon has engineered its capabilities towards creating thermodynamically efficient, biomass based power generation, facilities for energy and heat generation, targeting industries and utility companies. These decentralized power plants can significantly strengthen the national grid while providing 24x7 energy access locally, which will create a healthy investment environment in remote areas, with minimal transmission losses.

Biomass Power is an alternative of choice especially for emerging nations such as India, as it offers the highest potential in terms of energy generation, capital efficiency, employment & income generation and carbon emission reduction.

Renewable Energy Sources
Potential for Generation
For 1000MW Power Generation
Investment required
Employment Potential
Carbon Emission Reduction (tonnes of CO2 /MW generated)
Bio Energy
19680 MW*
5500 Crores
4 Million
9000 MW
22665 Crores
3600 MW
96318 Crores
2000 - 4000
* As proposed in the 11th Five Year Plan
Source : UNIDO