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About Us
Abellon - Integrated sustainable energy solutions provider.
Integrated Clean Energy Solutions Provider, Clean Energy Solutions, Clean Energy Generation, Community Development, Green Energy Solutions
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Company & Leadership
Abellon CleanEnergy is an integrated sustainable energy solutions provider with a vision to contribute to clean energy generation through bioenergy, including solid bio-fuel, liquid bio-fuels, bio-power, and other forms of clean energy generation.

The company's focus is on developing products and solutions that lower greenhouse gas emissions and productively harness the abundant energy of the sun, benchmarking processes such as photosynthesis, to convert it into useful forms of energy.

Abellon has a portfolio of low-carbon energy technologies and a range of products and services, which together can meet the demands from the industrial, public and commercial sectors, as well as the community on a large scale.

Driven by a set of core values, Abellon is charting its course in the global renewable energy sector with a strong focus and presence in the bioenergy segment and other select domains.