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Business Model
Clean energy solutions through Bio Energy, Biomass Sourcing, Waste Management, Agrisciences, Solar energy and EPC & Projects.
Abellon CleanEnergy - E-Brix
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An environment friendly bricks, made out of fly ash, having superior strength and excellent quality. E-Brix contains right mix of high quality fly ash, sand and cement which provides better compressive strength with attractive smooth finish. It also saves on land degradation, environment pollution and construction cost.

Abellon CleanEnergy - waste-to-value  
      Raw Material       Fly Ash, Sand, Cement
      Size       230mm x 110mm x 75mm
      Weight       3.0 kg
      Dry Density       1450 kg/m3
      Compressive Strength       Approx 50-70 kg/cm2

•   Less than 1% breakage
•   Low Efflorescence
•   Better resistance to salinity
•   Minimal water seepage
•   Minimal erosion property
•   Fire Resistance
         Saves land degradation by reducing load on soil erosion
         Reduces carbon emission
         Reduces labor exploitation in brick manufacturing industry
         Easy to handle
         Lower construction cost
               440 Bricks Required per m3 of for Masonry work
               5 – 7 % reduction in cement mortar for masonry as well as plaster work
         Reduced breakage during transportation
      Varying depending upon soil
      Uniform pleasing colour
      Shape and Size
      Uneven shape coarse clay structure
      Uniform in shape and smooth in finish
      Heavier than fly ash
      Compressive Strength
      Approx 35 kg/cm2
      Approx 50-70 kg/cm2
      More porous
      Less porous
      Thermal Conductivity
      1.25 – 1.35 W/m2 °C
      0.90-1.05 W/m2 °C
      Water Absorption
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