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Abellon in Italy
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Abellon Energy Italy S.r.l. team, Abellon Team in Italy
Energy efficiency and renewables are central to Europe’s energy and climate initiatives as they contribute substantially towards reducing CO2 emissions, improve energy security and can contribute to enhanced competitiveness. The importance of energy efficiency and sound renewables policies are the key to achieving the European strategy for sustainable, competitive and secure energy.

This scenario is leading Europe to drive the shift towards clean, green, and renewable energy from the front. The EU 27 has taken a mandate to produce 20% of electricity by 2020 from renewable energy.

Abellon is supporting the achievement of these objectives through its integrated bio energy model with a focus on biomass based power generation and pellets.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Abellon Energy Italy S.r.l., the company endeavors to partner with Italy and other countries in Europe on reducing carbon emissions, and their dependence on neighboring countries for power supply through supply of high quality North American biomass pellets, as well as developing of biomass-based power projects.

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