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Abellon Energy, Inc., Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abellon CleanEnergy Limited, India, is a Provincial Corporation registered in British Columbia, with its corporate office in Vancouver.

Canada is one of the largest solid biofuels supplying countries in the world. Canadian pellets are renowned for their superior quality and are in demand globally. Canada holds annual production capacity of about 2mn tonnes of high quality pellets. Canada is positioning itself to become a world leader for producing torrefied pellets, the next generation of pellets globally.

Abellon has its own state of the art pellets manufacturing facility as well as strategic partnerships, which enable it to supply premium quality pellets that match European quality standards.

The USA is also a high potential region for bio-energy including solid bio-fuels manufacturing as well as advanced generation liquid biofuels. Abellon has extensively mapped the opportunities available in the country and would seek to initiate its plans for the country in the near future.

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