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About Us
Abellon - Integrated sustainable energy solutions provider.
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Public Initiatives
Abellon is a frontrunner in the global bio energy domain, collaborating with policy makers, industry and social organizations to develop the clean energy sector in a sustainable manner and aiding government agencies in evolving more effective energy policies to enhance national energy independence through the following activities:

•  Supporting Policy makers and organizations to
    •  Build an understanding of the bio energy model, and its potential for larger sustainable development and inclusive economic growth
    •  Develop sustainability driven models and initiatives
•  Collaborating with research/academic organizations on joint projects in the areas of energy efficiency, clean energy generation, agricultural practices, and other allied fields
•  Contribution to knowledge/information pool through scientific/ technical / business publications on relevant subjects
•  Invited for talks/panel discussions at Indian/International Forums of repute

BioEnergy Council of India
Abellon is a founder-member of the BioEnergy Council of India (BECI) an organization established to promote and coordinate the development of the BioEnergy industry in India. Abellon supports the BECI and its activities through its presence at national and international forums, assistance with bringing out scientific, technical and industry publications, co-operation with policy makers, and other initiatives.

Over and above this, Abellon is an active participant and contributor to the cause of BioEnergy on policy, industry, and research panels in India and globally. The company has made a series of presentations at global, national and state level including UNDP, Foreign Embassies, MNRE, CPC, CERC, IREDA, GERC, GEDA, and others, and published a series of scientific/ technical / business publications for knowledge and information sharing.
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Key Representations
Abellon Bioenergy Week, Brasilia, Brazil   Bioenergy Week, Brasilia, Brazil
18th-23rd March - 2013