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"Management is very transparent with team members and they care a lot for their needs."
- Manish Shah
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Life & Learning at Abellon
Life at Abellon is an adventure, a voyage of self-discovery. Working with Abellon provides a culture where responsibility, opportunities, accountability & creativity are welcomed along with your personal growth as we believe in the poornakumbha model, the mutual growth philosophy.

In this friendly, caring environment, the team members have the opportunity to experiment and the freedom to explore new opportunities and possibilities. Abellon’s rock-solid value system is not imposed upon anyone - it is simply a part of life, an easy-to-assimilate set of guidelines that everyone at Abellon internalizes effortlessly. Each of us understands that growth can only be meaningful if it is inclusive; that is why we encourage one another to be the best that we can be, despite our limitations and shortcomings. The Senior management at Abellon is extremely approachable. Open interaction is encouraged, healthy competition is rewarded, and outstanding performance recognized.

Integrity is the very core of Abellon’s existence. The company demands the highest standards of ethical behavior from its team members, from the senior most executive to the most recently hired trainee.

Learning at Abellon
At Abellon, we place a premium on the ability to gain and share knowledge. Continuous learning is not only a part of our value system; it is a part of our psyche. Our learning initiatives are designed to achieve specific outcomes, for an individual as well as for the organization.

Outbound Training
Outbound learning sessions are a lot of fun. However, they also help the HR/ HODs to understand and enhance interpersonal, decision-making, conflict management, teamwork and leadership skills of the team members.