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Abellon Products - Pellexo - Eco-Friendly, Carbon Neutral Biomass Pellets, Pellet Burner, Eco-Chulha is a Community Cooking Stove.
Abellon CleanEnergy - Pellexo
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Range of Biomass Pellet based Appliances
Cooking, boiling, heating and other similar applications in the residential and small scale commercial as well as industrial segments, are heavily fossil fuel dependent, contributing significantly to GHG emissions and global warming. Biomass pellet-based appliances are an eco friendly, convenient and cost effective alternative that can replace the use of these fossil fuels, while delivering higher efficiency, protecting the environment, and promoting self reliance at individual as well as country level.

Abellon's Range of Biomass Pellet based appliances offers solutions for commercial/residential cooking, large scale hot water generation, and clean energy generation for small scale industries. The appliances are developed to run on biomass pellets – a carbon neutral and safe renewable source of energy.