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The Saptaswara Philosophy
The foundation of HRM at Abellon is vested in the Saptaswara philosophy of investing in the “discovery of a rhythm and order in collective action” that is both vital to an organization and makes business sense through alignment at the individual and collective levels, and a spontaneous synergy in action.

The Context

One of the casualties in the explosive growth of knowledge and technology is faith and a sense of the sacred. Man is confronted with the reality of globalization, exponential growth of knowledge and an unprecedented rate of change and it is becoming seemingly impossible for us to arrive at a balance between values and deeper aspirations and the external transactions with the world around us.

It is, therefore, becoming imperative for us to delve into ourselves, discover that which is eternal and human and find ways of meaningfully deploying it in our work and our life.

The key word to explore is Sathvikam - a state of mind that resonates with others and with the context. In this state the senses are open and the minds and hearts of the individuals in a group are resonating. This happens when individual minds are capable of resonating and the collective vision is deeply evocative.

A person who has a deep and meaningful inner life as well as great accomplishment and excellence in outward action is a Satvik. In order to get to the state of Sathvikam one has to put into practice the steps recommended in Saptaswara: the seven key values and practices that can provide the foundation for a beautiful life. . .

1. Maitree : Be trustworthy
  Value :   I value friendship
Behaviour :   I display compassion in my relationships, I demonstrate respect for others.
Introspection :   Am I listening to and understanding others?
2. Karma : Be proactive
    Value :   I value action
Behaviour :   I visualize and plan the journey. I undertake the journey with perseverance
Introspection :   In doing what I am doing what am I really doing?
3. Dharma : Do the right thing
    Value :   I value life in all its actions
Behaviour :   I bring a win-win-win attitude in all my actions, I display love for all the environment. I commit deeply to “right action”.
Introspection :   Am I enlivening myself and my context through the right action?
4. Gnyaana : Be a seeker of truth
    Value :   I value learning and knowledge
Behaviour :   I question things and enquire deeply, I engage in dialogue with learned people
Introspection :   Am I asking what, why and how with a passion to learn?
5. Ramya : Be evocative
    Value :   I value joyousness
Behaviour :   I bring in a sense of aesthetic enjoyment in my actions, I approach work with a attitude of serious play
Introspection :   Am I having fun in whatever I am doing?
6. Yoga : Be mindful
    Value :   I value an integration of my energies
Behaviour :   I practice the essentials of yoga i.e. healthy body, ethical behaviour and self discovery
Introspection :   Am I bringing a deep attention into whatever I do?
7. Saadhana : Practice, practice, practice
    Value :   I value the pursuit of excellence
Behaviour :   I endeavour to be the best that I can be in every situation, I improve myself and my surroundings continuously
Introspection :   In doing what I am doing what am I really doing? How can I be part of the solution?