Perspective Building Workshop on Biogas

As a part of our integrated approach to bio-energy, we are setting up Compressed Biogas production facilities across 10 cities of Gujarat. These 10 production facilities will collectively process about 73,000 tons of waste annually and will produce 8,395 tons of Compressed Biogas, while curbing 21,900 tons of carbon emissions annually.

We have received the letter of intent from Govt. of Gujarat for this plan, and to formally kick-start the process, we organized a workshop on Biogas and its scope. The motive of this workshop was to bring the team together for a discussion and knowledge sharing session on the subject, including relevant policies and standards, feedstock, the sequence, scale and other aspects of processing, technology involved, the local market and value, and all other comprehensive aspects related to the subject.

This was a two-day workshop, conducted on 29th and 30th of January. Post the workshop, the team is fully geared up to take the biogas projects ahead at full speed.

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