Join the Team

Join the Team

Driving our vision is a team of like-minded, passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds, united in the pursuit of a common cause - a clean, green, and sustainable future for our world.

Abellon Culture

A fine balance of experience and youth, team Abellon is bound together by a culture of excellence, achievement and inclusive growth, where responsibility, opportunities, accountability & creativity are welcomed, personal growth is emphasized along with growth of the organization, open interaction is encouraged, healthy competition rewarded, and outstanding performance recognized.

We place a premium on the ability to gain and share knowledge. Opportunities for continuous learning and development abound with a series of capability enhancement programs designed to enhance behavioural, managerial and leadership skills. High potential individuals are groomed through diversified exposure to hone their abilities and tap into their highest potential.

Abellon team work
Abellon Fun at Work

Enhancing the joy of life and work is the “Abellon Way,” a philosophy the company brings alive through the elements of fun and engagement. Celebrations, festivals, recognition of milestones and achievements, sports, are some of the activities that bind team Abellon together enabling strong and enduring relationships, and promoting a conducive and supportive workplace environment.

Above all else, there is the fulfilling conviction that we are part of an effort to make a difference, and create a better world for our future generations.