Biomass Heat & Transport

Biomass Heat & Transport

Biomass based energy solutions can be an effective response to environmental and health concerns, and rising energy prices...

Converting wood waste into renewable energy

Biomass based renewable energy solutions for heat generation, cooking and transportation can be an effective response to environmental and health concerns, help combat rising energy prices, and enable communities and nations to achieve energy self-reliance.

Biomass Pellets & Eco Equipment

Biomass pellets are a heating fuel made from sawmill residues and agriculture waste. Pellets are environment-friendly, renewable, and cost-stable, and are widely used in residential and industrial heating applications across Europe and North America.

Abellon has a wide range of eco-friendly, carbon neutral solid biomass pellets, as well as eco-equipment that can effectively replace LPG, Diesel and other fossil fuel-based systems across a broad spectrum of applications, especially in the commercial and industrial energy generation, heating and cooking segments, and for co-firing with fossil fuels such as coal and lignite in power plants.

Compressed Biogas

We are also setting up a network of facilities to generate Compressed Biogas, starting with key cities of Gujarat.

The facilities are designed to harness a wide variety of waste including agriculture residue, cattle dung, sugarcane press mud, municipal solid waste, sewage treatment plant waste and have the potential to make a significant contribution to sustainable waste management while providing a renewable alternative to imported, high polluting transport fuels.

Abellon Biogas Plants in Gujarat