Abellon is a leader in waste to energy in India, with proven experience of over a decade of generating renewable energy from urban and agricultural waste.

Our vision is to contribute to nation building through sustainable solutions for Power, Heat and Transport. We aim to productively harness the abundant urban and agricultural waste resource in the country to produce renewable energy, while reducing environmental degradation, improving human health and well-being, and promoting energy self reliance for the nation.

Our integrated waste to energy model is inspired by the Gandhian philosophy of Sustainability and aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with emphasis on the Triple Bottom Line approach, of environmental protection, social development as well as economic prosperity.
Abellon integrated model

The uniqueness and impact of our model have been widely acknowledged at various platforms in the form of global and national awards and recognitions. The company has also played a key role in helping to shape policy and regulatory framework and guidelines in the waste to energy segment in the country.

We have built up unique capabilities and a robust pipeline of projects in the waste to energy segment in India, supported by a strong research, technical and management bandwidth, and a team of over 700 people from diverse backgrounds united by our common cause – of contributing to a clean, green and energy self-reliant India.