Abellon MoU with ONGC to use captured carbon dioxide for EOR

Abellon MoU with ONGC for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Abellon and ONGC have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to use captured carbon dioxide from our Ahmedabad waste to energy plant for EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery).

EOR is a process that extends the life and recovery of oil from depleting and aging wells. The process involves injecting of CO2 gas into aging fields with declining oil production. The CO2 is injected, produces oil, is stored in the formation, or is recycled back in the injection well.  

Abellon waste to energy plant will convert 1000 TPD of solid waste from Ahmedabad into 15 MW of clean energy.

We will use controlled combustion technology, which will generate 500 TPD of CO2. By utilizing this CO2 for EOR, in line with our MoU with ONGC, we will curb the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, reduce carbon footprint of the plant and enhance sustainability. This initiative will also generate an additional revenue stream for the plant.

Abellon has more plants coming up in Gujarat, which will generate an additional 1200 TPD of CO2. We will explore the possibility of supplying the same to ONGC.

Integrating the technology of carbon capture into our waste to energy plants, will make them among the world’s cleanest plants.

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