Mangaluru WTE Plant: from Dumpyard to Tourist Spot

Mangaluru WTE site

A team from Abellon recently visited Pachchanady dump site in Mangaluru to assess potential for setting up a WTE plant. Post the visit, we have submitted a detailed project report to the city corporation.

The proposed plant will dispose 700 tonnes of waste everyday through power generation and other value chain products.

Pachchanady dump site receives around 350 TPD of waste. The city processes only a small portion of this waste. It also has an existing landfill which has about a million tonnes of legacy waste.

The Mangaluru WTE plant will have a state-of-the-art design and architecture, making it a point of attraction. The use of glass will permit visitors to view the entire process of waste to energy generation from outside. We have also proposed setting up a stadium and park near the plant, as a result of which site will transform from a dump site into a tourist spot.

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