IGBC Platinum Pre-Certification for Ahmedabad WTE Campus

We are delighted to share that the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has pre-certified our Ahmedabad Waste to Energy campus as a “IGBC Platinum” campus.

The campus received “IGBC Platinum” rating and “Global Leadership” recognition on the basis of its innovative design parameters and approach.

The Ahmedabad WTE plant will convert 1000 tons of municipal solid waste into clean energy every day. It will be a no human interface plant, with adherence to stringent emission control standards.

The plant will reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions to the rune of 4 lac MTCO2eq. every year. The reduction in GHG emissions will be achieved by replacing fossil fuels. By converting waste into energy, the plant will also divert waste from landfills.

Here are some highlights of the Ahmedabad WTE Plant

  • One of the highest area efficient waste to energy power plants around the globe
  • High Green cover of 35% of total site area with > 65% of green area planted with drought tolerant plants
  • Plantation density achieved on campus = 2.33 lac plants/Sq. Km (Plantation density for Ahmedabad city = 1300 plants/Sq. Km)
  • Rainwater harvesting system covering 100% of run-off volume
  • Usage of treated city wastewater for cooling system of power plant
  • Efficient plumbing system with 67% water savings in non-process consumption
  • Energy efficient fixtures with 34 % energy savings in non-process annual consumption
  • On-site renewable power generation catering to 100% non-process power consumption
  • Improved indoor environment quality – > 30% enhanced fresh air ventilation, 96% of regularly occupied area > 2% daylight factor
  • Avoided use of high – VOC paints, CFC based HVAC system and asbestos to maintain better occupational health
  • Enhanced social sustainability through dedicated provisions for community engagement, sports and national event celebrations and green education.

By sustainably generating clean energy from waste, this plant contribute to the “Swachh Bharat Mission,” while also addressing climate change issues.

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